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Origins by Luxurience

9 Nov

I was offered to try this moisturizer out from the company. Here is the link to check it out on Amazon. They were very courteous, friendly, and fast in getting back to me when I had a question. The shipment was very quick as well…virtually no wait . So with these two things I started off pleased and happy with high hopes for the product. This is a moisturizer that claims to help with your signs of aging and to help you appear younger and more fresh looking. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet as well as puffiness under your eyes. It also mentions making your dull dry skin appear brighter and more hydrated and youthful as well as helping to even out your skin tone. Well wow, that’s just a whole lot of things this moisturizer claims to do. ALL that in one bottle?!?! I figured if this moisturizer can do all that with just one product, I’m sold. Prior to this moisturizer I was using a separate product for all of the above problems! This moisturizer alone could cut out 90% of my routine!

This moisturizer did NOT let down! The first day of trying it I used it in the morning underneath of my makeup. Now let me first explain, I am a licensed makeup artist and am VERY picky with what moisturizer I use in the morning underneath my makeup. I have a ton of creams and lotions I use at night as I am not picky with them, but I might have possibly one or two I trust to use in the morning. I don’t want something heavy and thick but rather something that will seep into my skin quickly and still keep me moisturized throughout the day without leaving my skin an oily, slick, shiny mess. If your moisturizer leaves your skin slick from not soaking in well, your foundation will slip and slide all over your face and not apply evenly. Especially around my T-zone area. I’m an oily beast there. I don’t honestly care about it having SPF as some of my foundations and such have SPF in them. Moisturizer is the canvas to your makeup. If your canvas is jacked up, your foundation will look horrible!

So with all that being said, I was hesitant to try this out in the morning. But hey you live once right!? WOW, I was SURPRISED to say the least!! This stuff did NOT disappoint! It was light like I want and soaked into my skin without leaving me oily and my skin slick. It kept my skin hydrated throughout the day and I definitely did not have to blot the oil off my face nearly as much as I normally would do during the day. It actually gave my skin a glow and nice luminosity to it too which I didn’t expect so that was also a nice surprise! The scent of this too was pleasant, it had a significant peppermint smell. If you like the smell of peppermints you’ll love this then. If you don’t, I wouldn’t let the scent discourage you as it was nice and light and not strong and overpowering. Plus It wasn’t like I could smell the peppermint after it was applied. I would actually recommend this product to women AND men as the scent isn’t floral or fruity or even musky. It is a nice unisex scent.

This product can be multi-use as you can use this other places than just your face like your arms, hands, cuticles even. I put this on my eyes and it helped keep them hydrated and the dark circles to lighten and brighten. I feel like this product helped my skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This product also claims to help your skin from becoming further damaged but I can’t honestly say if that’s true as I haven’t used it long enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did though!

The packaging is a pump dispenser which i like. I won’t end up wasting most of the product from not being able to squeeze it out! It is also convenient if you want to throw it in your bag and bring along with you and not have to worry about the cap opening up in your bag and getting all over your things! At $34.95 for a 1 ounce bottle I’d say is a bit pricey but honestly, for the money it is totally worth every penny!

And guess what!?!?! The company is TOTALLY awesome and gave my readers a 30% off to spend on any of their products! Just use code¬†GIVEUS30 at checkout to save you some money! Don’t we all just love saving money? I know I sure do!¬†

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