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Chantix review **continuously being updated**

2 Dec

Wow its been a really long time since I have updated! I apologize. I have been extremely busy with the holidays, birthday parties, holiday parties, work parties, christmas shopping, working, overtime, and just general life. I can’t write much today but just that I am doing good and that I have some exciting news!

I saw my doctor yesterday to get a prescription for Chantix! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a medicine that helps you to stop smoking. From what I have heard from the many people I know who have used it, and from what I have read online, the medicine really works!

What it does in a nutshell: the medicine blocks receptors in your brain so that you don’t crave or get satisfaction from the nicotine when smoking a cig. Basically you will just be like ‘why am i even doing this’!

Today is my first day of taking the meds and I have heard there are some pretty crazy side effects associated with this medicine. Vivid wild dreams, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and some more serious side effects such as suicidal thoughts, skin rashes, diabetes (ya i read this one online), heart issues.

So anyway I think I’m going to start doing a report of my daily findings from taking this medication. That way i can chart my progress to see how well I’m doing at quitting and that way if something bad were to happen, i’d be able to trace it easilier.

Day 1, Friday December 2, 2011

Took my first 1/2mg from my starter pack about 10am. I have felt absolutely no side effects as of  4:00pm.

Day 2&3 December 3-4, 2011

as of monday this evening have felt no side effects from the meds. possibly not strong enough? Also have had no desire/urge to quit smoking.

Day 4 December 5, 2011

today is my first day taking 1/2 mg in morning AND evening.

smoked an afternoon cig and as i was walking back inside my mouth started to water and i felt as if i was going to throw up. thankfully i never did but i felt a tad naseous for the next 30-45min. smoked a cig on the way home from work and although i didn’t feel nauseous, my stomache didn’t feel normal. The meds are definitely in my system by now and i believe this is the beginning stages of the meds working. this is the first day i felt any type of change from smoking.

took evening pill at 5pm

Day 5 December 6, 2011

took morning and evening dose as normal. have not felt any nausea today when smoking. just took evening dose 10min ago but did not feel any different yesterday after taking it. i think the 1mg/day is not enough to feel a lot of side effects. possibly when i up next week to 2mg/day i will notice more.

have been smoking normally, i don’t think i really need to as much tho. i believe the physical urge to want to smoke is ebbing.

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