I’m so sorry…

6 Oct

Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly apologize for not writing in here lately. I think with me being super busy and everything else, I became run down, sick, not feeling well, and just plain tired.  I’m still not feeling well and I almost want to go home a half day at work, but I’m going to stick it out. Not sure why, I mean I still have over 4 weeks of vacation time! I honestly think, sitting here right now and writing this to everyone that I might actually go home. I just need to curl up in my bed, under the covers and sleep the day away. (well at least until 8pm when VAMPIRE DIARIES comes on! Sick or not, I cannot miss this show!

So I again apologize for drolpping off the blog planet and never updating on the bachelorette party but as soon as i feel myself again, I will blog about that and a few other surprises!!

I’m not even going to talk about food and exersize bc it has been non existent in my life this week. Food is a bare minimum and exersize is nowhere in site. I have not had the energy to even try doing some kind of work out!

I’m really bummed because I was supposed to start two workout classes this week.

There is always next week!

Questions of the day:

Do you force yourself to work out when you are not feeling well?

What is your favorite day of the week to watch TV?


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