22 Sep

Wanted to inform you all that my friend Deuce Beauties  is giving away some OPI nail polish to 2 very lucky people. The polishes are the newest OPI collections from Halloween and more!

She also has some lovely stuff for sale as well so DEFINITELY check out her page Blog Sale. You don’t want to miss out. A girl HAS to love looking pretty….at least once in awhile!

So I am still reading the Skinny Bitch book. I like the books sass quality for sure. I know some people are not crazy about that but I am the type of girl who tells it like it is. So I love that about these women. (the authors) They don’t sugarcoat the unsettling stuff. I knew a little about factory farming and so on, but never in as much detail and it makes me sick.

So I still have a lot to think about regarding this book and I am not quite finished it…ALMOST!

I also want to say how friggin excited I am as of yesterday….and it is all thanks to this lovely lady. Courtney has just taken on the 10lb slimdown extreme 28 day challenge.  Apparently some of these exercise tapes are found On Demand under Exercise TV.

It just so happens that I have Direct TV with On Demand and NEVER SEEN THE EXERCISE TV!!! Well thanks to Court I have now found a reason to NEVER make an excuse to not work out again.

So although I may not try the 10lb slimdown challenge the way it is designed, I will try out some of the exercises.

Personally, I need to lose more than 10lbs so I am not sure if the diet part of this is beneficial for me because I do like the diet I have been on. But I know these videos will definitely come in handy.

You know how people say that you gain weight normally in the winter because you are less active because of the temperature loss? Well not this gal! I thrive in the winter on losing weight (when i put my mind to it that is).  I guess in my mind, that is all there is to do. Can’t go out and play with my son, lay out, swim, etc. so why not work out?

Big changes are happenin’ O ya!


One Response to “Giveaways!”

  1. wannabebrazilian 09/22/2011 at 4:25 pm #

    I read Skinny Bitch too and it did give me lots to think about. That said, I live in Brazil now and becoming a vegan is simply not an option, so I’m still eating plenty of red meat, but I’m happy to have become more conscious of the way things are. It’s definitely an interesting book!

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