I love me some Thursday night TV!!!

15 Sep

Well season 3 of Vampire Diaries starts tonight and I am stoked! I have told my MIL to have my son ready and waiting by the front door at 7:30p so I have plenty of time to get home and be ready for the show to start at 8:00p. Big Luke HATES when this show is on because I swear, I DO NOTHING during that hour. I don’t even want to talk to anyone…my eyes are glued to the screen. Please don’t peel them away!!! haha that was corny…I know!

















I am also going to be watching a new show that comes on right after VD at 9p (also on the CW) called The Secret Circle. It looks okay but I’m not sure how I am going to feel about this one but I will definitely give it a shot.









Right after that show will be my Jersey Shore love!!! Tonight looks like another crazy night with Snooki and Deanna making out and dancing so hard their “underwears fall off” (notice that ‘s’…she says that on a commercial and it drives me nuts)

Since we are talking about TV shows, I also am interested in watching the new show on FX called The American Horrow Story. I’ve seen previews of that and let me tell you, it looks freaky. I am a horror movie junkie. I love them. Big Luke doesn’t like them so I rarely watch them anymore. I honestly don’t like watching them alone. Its not that I get scared being alone (I admit it was this case a few times) but its just not the same. I like how u can cuddle up with your man,and put your head in his arm/chest so he can ‘protect’ you from the not  scary frightening parts!




So this morning for breakfast I had my normal Kashi, Go Lean Mixed Berry Crumble cereal but I had no more greek yogurt left. waaah 😦  so since my daily coffee as of late has been royal farms, I figured I’d pick up one there. Turns out they only sell yoplait regular yogurt for $.89 or the new parfait ones w/ granola for $2.29  A PIECE!!!  that is robbery! you take a guess as to which one i bought!

My lunch wasn’t to bad though. Big Luke ate my last Smart Ones frozen meal, so I found myself trudging down to the cafe here at work. Made myself a nice side salad and ordered 6 wings. The food here at work is questionable in its taste. I work for a health insurance company so everything they make is healthy…which is a huge plus…but when I cook, I like alot of flavor and mix-in’s with my food. Eating in the cafe reminds me of eating at an old town diner. People always say if there are a lot of older people that eat there then you know its a good place to eat!

Well not in this case, everything taste bland so you can’t complain…its got to much of this, and not enough of that. So back to my original point. The wings. I got 6 wings because of all the lunches in the cafe the wings are THE BEST. Fall off the bone chicken, mmhhmm. (they also have a buffalo chicken wrap that is amazing too)

Right now I am debating on whether I want to do some over time or not. I most likely will because I can use the extra money, but i kinda want to go home and just relax, take a little nap before I go get my son from his Nana’s house.

I am excited to say that in October I will be joining the Body Pump class at my work’s gym!! I can’t start in September because the hours do not fit within my work schedule so I am signing up starting in October. I am super excited, I’ve taken similar classes before in the past so I know what to expect. Only thing that is a bummer in my book is that the class is ONLY offered in the other insurance building which is about a 2 mile drive from my building. Whereas  if they offered it in my buildings gym, its a 1minute walk. I can’t wait to report back here on my experience!

Something I wanted to ask, how can I get more followers?? I know I should advertise on my facebook and twitter but here is the thing: I don’t want to share this blog with my friends and family. Not yet anyhow. So I am not sure how to get other people to read my blog everyday like they do others? Guess it will take time.

I also want to know how some people make this and other writing things a full time job! I AM A FRIGGIN ENGLISH MAJOR TOO!!!!!!!! I want companies to give me products to review on here, and freebies to giveaway to help promote….I love that sort of thing. Just not sure how to get started.

Tomorrow I will be working for 16hrs straight and then waking up Saturday morning and work til 5pm!! Last attempt for overtime, extra money, and to get a chance to win an Ipad. (my work is giving one away each day. You get a ticket stub for every hour you work and then a drawing is held on Monday to find out who won). That would be amazing to win an Ipad however I am never that lucky.

Well I am leaving work…peacing out of this jizzoint!! Decided to go home and get some rest before the next 2 days of work til my eyes fall off!


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