Rain rain go away….

8 Sep

The 7 day forecast calls for rain. Today, it has started flooding. There are major interstates and roads that are being shut down due to flooding problems. wowzers!

I apologize for not writing more on my blog. I have been super busy lately and well honestly since I don’t have many followers/readers, I haven’t felt the need to write anything down.

I want to change that, I want followers, I want to make my blog more popular but not sure how to do that properly.


So, I finally decided on a hotel for the bachelorette party. I booked reservations at the Tropicana! We also have dinner reservations at Carmine’s at 7:30. I have never been to Carmine’s but i read their reviews and have heard from a few friends of mine (NJ girls) that Carmines is amazing!

I am getting my Tahoe back today!! Woohoo!! Now she has a rebuilt tranny and I am $2300 poorer. Oh well such is life

I am very excited, Sunday is Peggy’s bridal shower! I cant wait to post pictures of the event. I am not really a party planner type of person so this is all big for me…new experiences! Gotta love it 😉

Question for anyone out there in blogger world who can help me: How do I go about receiving products from companies to review on my blog? I have seen a lot of that throughout the healthy living blogs and I want to be apart of this. Do I reach out to the companies? Do they find me? etc, etc.

Dinner last night was chicken fajitas. Sorry no pictures but I keep forgetting to do this! It was nothing special, chicken, fajitas, lettuce, onions and red peppers and shredded cheese. you know…the norm.

Tonight I am meeting Peggys mom after work to get some decorations for Sunday and then we are going to Ledo’s pizza afterwards. I love their all you can eat s0up, salad, and breadstick option! The salad is very delish! I will try my best to take pics tonight!

So long for now blog world!


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