Trop or Taj?

6 Sep

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Had a pretty good 3 day weekend. Big luke wasn’t around this weekend so it was just my son and I.  We had a good time hanging out together and spending quality time just the two of us! Last night Luke came home and I had dinner ready.

I needed to go grocery shopping BAD but I rolled with the punches and threw things together…literally. Now remember, I am just starting to get into this whole healthy living AND cooking thing so throwing things together is a big deal for me.

So, I defrosted some chicken and put it in a pan with some frozen veggies.

I added some

Williams Sonoma Red Wine Vinegar||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Feature_Recipe_Rule-_-a

nd some Frank’s Hot Sauce to the mix.

 Then I threw some spinach leaves on top of all that. I also cooked 1 cup of Quinoa in a seperate pot. cooked some sweet potoatoes as well.

The red wine vinegar actually gave the chicken a nice flavor and tasted yummy! I was definitely surprised.

So I am throwing my BFF Peggy a bachelorette party in Atlantic City, NJ. I have only been to AC once before and I was 12wks pregnant. So um, ya I didn’t get the enjoy the whole experience. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on which hotel to stay at? I have narrowed it down to two places. The Tropicana

or the Taj Mahal.

 Both are about the same in price. Tropicana has a great restaurant called Carmine’s thats pretty well known….and ITALIAN!!

I have also heard the Taj has better clubs. Decisions decisions. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I have to get going, Big Luke has to get an MRI on his knee in 1hr and I am going with him. Wish him luck!!


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