Why me Lord? WHY ME!!!!!!!!

1 Sep

EDIT::: First off, I want to apologize to anyone who reads this post. Originally writing this I think I was in the mind-set of just blogging to get my frustrations out. This is not a happy post but rather a boo-hoo feel sorry for me post. I posted this and then thought about it. This isn’t the point of my blog! Yes, I want to get things off my chest here and writing my feelings/issues/problems has always been the best thing for me BUT this is not what I intended for the blog NOR myself.

So I think this is actually a pretty good start on how I should start to reinvent myself. Instead of my usual pouting and wanting pity from others…I will take what I wrote below, and all the problems I currently have and make a positive out of it.

so I say to myself…SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!!!!

I mean hell, we all go thru issues don’t we?? We all get up each morning to do our daily routine and are faced with trials and tribulations…so nobody wants to hear a whiny person when they have 100 million things on THEIR plates too!!! I mean geez louise, I have been reading Julie’s blog http://www.pbfingers.com/  (my link button isn’t working right??) and I mean her and her hubby were  living out of a hotel for a month while waiting for their new house to be available! 


SOOOOO I am not going to dwell on these issues, and from this point forward I am not going to make my posts feel like a cloud of doom but rather than a ray of sunshine. Ok call me corny….but I need to be positive and look at the good things in life. I got to work today, I have a great family who supports me and helps me. I am healthy, my son is healthy, and I feel good!

I am not going to make this post all cutesy with pics and it will most likely be a pretty short post…unless I really am feeling the need to de-stress myself.

So yesterday I got in a huge blowout with my step-mom over not having the money to afford throwing my bff a bachelorette party in Atlantic City. Quick recap over the past 5yrs.  Graduated college in December of 2006. My son was born in February of 2007. When he was 15 weeks old, I put him in daycare and started working full-time. Didn’t make a whole lot of money but then again it was close to my house and super close to daycare.

Stayed at the company for a little over a year. Get laid off and am out of work for 6 months. In that time frame we get really behind on bills so my parents step in and help out. This past tax season i owed them $5,000. So we are tight for money as usual and my step-mom was freaking out on me saying how we are 30yrs old and don’t need a bachelorette party and my bff is just selfish for wanting one and just bc she has a great paying job and a rich soon to be husband doesn’t mean I should be living her lifestyle.

Needless to say that hurt and pissed me off. So I talked to my bff and told her the situation and now she is going to pay for some of it. Which upsets me too because that’s not how it should be.

So then the transmission goes up in my Tahoe. GREEEEAAAAATTT!!! Big Luke called a few places and found someone near us that quoted us $2500 to rebuild the transmission. Ummmmm that’s more money I DON’T have.


I told my GH Tim (GH = gay husband…he’s my work hubby) that I am going to need to start stripping!! I was kidding of course and he suggested being one of those phone sex operators!

Hmmmmm wonder how I can apply to be one of those??


One Response to “Why me Lord? WHY ME!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hot Coco 09/01/2011 at 10:53 am #

    Well, your stepmother is right, and here’s a huge chance for growth on your part.

    I’m reminded of the movie The Bridesmaids, in which the maid of honor was faced with myriad situations in which money played a pivotal role. One of them was the infamous bachelorette party, which she was pushed to plan in Las Vegas even though she didn’t have the budget to support it. While the movie is fiction, the situation is played out over and over again in real life.

    People feel pressured to keep up; to make their lives look pretty and financially solvent and, worse, rich in a purely monetary sense when that’s not how it is. Time for a reality check.

    The bachelorette party needn’t be in Atlantic City, as pretty as it would “look.” Make a fun sash, buy an inexpensive tiara from a party or costume store (they can be found for under $5.00; been there, done that) or create one, and attach a one-half yard piece of white tulle from a fabric store (super inexpensive). Get together with the other bridesmaids and create t-shirts (you can purchase a 5-pack for under $10.00; **split the cost with the other bridesmaids**), arm yourselves with Sharpies, glue, and glitter, and decorate them. Then, do a walking pub crawl (if you live in a city/area that has multiple bars within walking distance) and play up the whole soon-to-be-married thing; your friend, at the least, will be hooked up with free drinks. For yourself, invoke a one-drink limit per bar. Each bridesmaid pays their own bill, while you all split the bride-to-be’s bill.

    Fact is, you simply have to take care of your financial house first; no one can do it for you and not doing so will ripple well into your future. Best to start now. Good luck!!

    P.S. I’m teaching a class on women and money tonight. While I sympathize with your situation, I am grateful for another perspective on the topic. xo

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