Zumba and Bubby

30 Aug

It is almost time for me to go to my first ever Zumba class!! I have heard a lot of great things about Zumba and how it is extremely fun and doesn’t even feel like working out. I think taking classes and working out with other people is a lot easier for me to want to excersize.

I’m such an outgoing person, why would I want to be stuck on a treadmill all by my lonesome?

I also want to take the Body Pump class they are offering too but I decided to do one thing at a time. I mean I will probably be exhausted after the first 5min today!

Also, today is a very special day! Today my little brother is 22!!! Happy Birthday Bubby!!!

That there is my handsome brother Jeffrey and my adorable son Luke at Ocean City, MD…about 3wks ago maybe? Jeff is such an amazing man. He just recently graduated from college…my alumni college…GO TOWSON UNIV!!! with a double major in psychology and criminal justice. He wants to get into law enforcement and get into the FBI one day but he knows he will have to work his way to that point so he is looking into becoming a police officer. I am so very proud of him and the amazing person he has become.

Makes me very happy that my son looks up to him because of all the role models in the world, I would love my son to grow up like my brother has. He was involved in sports, never did drugs or smoked. yes, he did his fair share of underage drinking at college but who hasn’t? But also besides that, Jeff is motivated, goal oriented, and just has this drive in him to succeed. A life full of energy!

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for him with cake and ice cream.

I am also excited because we may be going to our beach house at the ocean this weekend! I love going to the beach for the weekend. Its about a two and half hour drive so not to far but its just amazing to get away for those few days. I love it!

Lukey at the beach, he looks really red here but I promise he wasn’t!

I also have some exciting plans coming up…my best friends bachelorette party! I am her maid of honor and am in the beginning stages of planning but we will most likely be having the party in Atlantic City, NJ!!  Love that place. I am in the beginning stages with the other girls going so as details unfold, I will post.




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