Recap of the weekend and Monday madness

29 Aug

So I have been super busy these past few days. Friday night we had a midnight inventory push so I worked a 16hr day. They fed us dinner which was cool and had deserts as well. Don’t ask me what kinds bc I didn’t want to look! I did have 1 chocolate chip cookie but I deserved that bc I got the asian salad and was THE ONLY person who got something healthy.

saturday morning i got up to take my son to his first ever soccer practice. It was a 2hr practice that ended at noon. It wasn’t really a practice but more of a clinic I guess you could say.  He did really well considering it lasted 2hours. Towards the end though he was getting tired and whining but I told him we made the commitment to come today and we were going to finish it out and he needed to suck it up and be a team player.  He would start whining if someone else got the ball and he didn’t “win”.

That is my son to the right kicking the ball.

Right after, we rushed around getting toilet paper and a few last minute items for the hurricane.  Had a bday party @ 2:00 and afterwards we  ordered pizza. I ordered a yummy greek salad with extra feta and ate a small piece of the pizza. Dont judge me pls! I also forgot to take pics of my salad…hey I am new at this!!

So the hurricane hit last night. Tons of rain until like 4am and then I started to hear the winds. Actually I got woken up over them. I fell asleep on the couch and went into the bedroom when I woke up…it wa scary! Things were moving around out front and it just freaked me out. So big luke moved over and I crawled into bed with him. Since I was awake and I woke him up, we watched tv til 6 and passed back out. During those 2hrs the electric would go out and come right back on several times. Since Luke is an electrician, he said it was the wires touching each other from the heavy winds.

We never lost power for any length of time! Thankfully the storm didn’t cause us any issues. My parents however lost electric at 1:30am and has yet to return.

Today has been a lazy day. I need to go to the grocery store for a few items but just haven’t found the motivation. This has been a weekend full of carryout and kitchen laziness bc for dinner tonight we are having applebees curbside to go. I am getting the oriental chicken salad. Yummo!

This morning (monday) I had my first ever dermatology appt. I have a mole on my scalp that I appeared there when I was pregnant. I want to get it removed and also wanted to get my face cleared up. I have never had acne in my life but since I turned 30 I have been breaking out on my chin and jawline. I have been reading that it is hormone related and common but for someone who has never had issues with there skin before…I’m freaking out. So they gave me some samples of some moisturizer and a prescription for some cream I am to put on after the moisturizer drys to hopefully help with the acne and prevent scarring. The samples of the moisturizer are called Cerave PM and the cream is called Finacea. I am going to go on and check out the reviews for these products.

Ok I’m going to stop typing on this post because for some reason it won’t let me link anything and is acting strangely. Maybe because I originally wrote this post on my cell last night, saved it, and am now trying to edit it on a computer? Hmmmm


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