Ramblings and rants of a PMS queen!

25 Aug
I am kinda bummed about things today. I am bummed about the weather and the fact the sun isn’t shining and its rainy out.

I am PMS’n hardcore and feel like getting mad and sad all at the same time.

I am a little bummed today as well because I was supposed to go and pick up my Maid of Honor dress tonight after work. It is a little over an hour drive to get to the store, and I can’t do it this weekend and chose tonight because every Thursday my son’s Nana (his father’s mother) picks him up and we don’t have to get him til 8ish.

I also for some reason that I have NO IDEA WHY, was not given an invite to the party being held at work today, for a girl whose last day is tomorrow.  Not sure why, but two girls I had been very friendly with…I have been withdrawing from the past few months. We don’t talk anymore and I assume they dislike me now. We never had a falling out (that i am aware of) but I didn’t want to associate with them anymore. All they do is talk about other people , make fun of others, against any kind of team activities, and just have a bad attitude about things. So since I was working on bettering my life (eating healthy, going to a therapist, etc) I decided to start talking to the positive people I work with instead.

And for once, I was happy coming to work! So what if my hair wasn’t perfect and my toe nail polish is chipping and badly needs a polish change? Does that make me a bad person? That is what I had to worry about with them on a daily basis. WE ARE NOT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough of that, so last night for dinner I ate over my parent’s house again. My little brother cooked Turkey Kielbasa with rice and veggies. It was very yummy!! I am not much of a sausage and red meat kinda gal but every once in awhile I can manage it.

It was a nice change, I will say that. Since it was turkey meat I was a bit excited about that too.

For dessert (sorry I have no pics of the disaster!) my stepmother made a recipe found in the newspaper for fudge. It called for Jell-o chocolate pudding mix (stove-top kind…NOT instant), butter, and powdered sugar. Seemed easy enough but I am guessing it wasn’t left long enough in the fridge to harden because when it was brought out after dinner, it honestly looked like we were eatting baby poop!!!!

My stepmother is an amazing cook so it was pretty funny that it didn’t turn out well considering it took hardly nothing to make.

Even though I have raging PMS and am probably Queen B*tch right now, nothing can get me down on Thursday nights.

Thursday has THE BEST tv shows on! AND…




While watching TV last night, I also saw a commercial for the premiere date for Season 3 of one of my FAVORITE tv shows of all times.

I absolutely love me some Vampire Diaries. I have read ALL of the books too. I will admit the books tended to get major dumb and ridiculous the more that was published. BUT I couldn’t resist downloading them in my Kindle app!
Season 3 is starting on Thursday,September 15th!!!



  1. Is anyone else a fan of Vampire Diaries, Twilight, or all things vampires?
  2. IF so, which are your favs? and why?
  3. What football team do you rep?
  4. Any feedback on how to improve my blog would be great! also, how do i change the heading on the top of my page and also add my picture on the right hand side?

3 Responses to “Ramblings and rants of a PMS queen!”

  1. 1. Twilight Fan; I no longer own a TV (gulp!).
    2. I blame a reading specialist friend for turning me onto the books. 🙂
    3. I represent the Patriots, but don’t watch football; I HURT seeing other people get hurt.
    4. Please add a “subscribe via e-mail” option so I can get you in my inbox! 🙂 Your WordPress dashboard should have a settings option so you can add a picture. I’m using Blogger, so I can’t be specific about the where and how part.

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