RoFo coffee and Honestea

24 Aug

For the record…I am abso-frickin-lutely in major LOVE with Royal Farms coffee. I can’t explain it, it just tastes sooooo good!! I even have a Keurig and have bought a gazilion and one different flavors but my staple is still Royal Farms. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of different flavors I very much enjoy in my Keurig. I’m jus sayin’…..

I’m a Royal Farms girl at heart

So for my breakfast I had my regular Chobani yogurt mixed with Kashi cereal

I eat this every day for breakfast along with my banana. Honestly, I am the type of gal that if I like something, I don’t get sick of eating it everyday…which I find that can come in handy. Like I eat hummus everyday and don’t get sick of it.

So let’s talk about my lunch…because that is what I’m really truly excited about.

get in mah belly!!
This is the very first time I have tried this lunch and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I am definitely purchasing again and all thanks to Lean Cuisine!! I normally pack some sort of frozen meal for lunch or leftovers. Honestly I’d like to change that one day by making fresher things but I have a confession….I’m not much of a cook.
that is about to change and it is all thanks to the blogs I have been lurking on. I have been keeping a word document of a few great looking recipes that I am honestly excited to try out. I have only been saving the ones that look pretty easy as to kinda ease myself into the whole cooking thing.
You are probably wondering what my son eats since I am not a cook. His father is the cook, and is pretty decent at it but will only cook things that will clog my arteries and fatten my thighs. (not like i need them anymore fatter!)
Oh and back to my lunch (sorry I am jumping around here). Another first time try is this drink that I am really loving too!
 This is such a great organic tea and i was very surprised bc this was one of the one’s I purchased and thought i wasn’t going to like the best. Isn’t is amahhhzing when u think you’re not going to like something but to only end up loving it instead!?!?! LOVE when that happens.
So it seems like a win-win today for me as far as my lunch.
I am going to be working overtime today (which i will be doing everyday until Oct 1st) but I am going to TRY and get some time in walking on the treadmill tonight at my parents since I am going over for dinner after work.

This is the exact model we have. It’s really awesome. It’s a nordic track c900 and very easy to walk on.  I just can’t seem to find the motivation and energy to want to walk on it. I wish I lived closer to some of you so that we could be work-out buddies or help motivate me. I really need someone to ‘push’ me because once I incorporate excercise back into my life I will be fine…it’s just easier said than done for me. I hate it. Why is it the one thing I want most in this world (to be thin, healthy, and fit and love myself) I don’t do? I just don’t get it.

Sorry this post started off so energetic and now its all depressing. I sound like I’m bi-polar! (which I’m not).

Bottom line, I need to continue working on building a different and better relationship with food. Random but on-topic thought: I work for a health insurance company and every year they offer a health assessment along with the flu shot. If you take this assessment you get a few hundred bucks deducted from your health insurance which in turn makes us pay very little each paycheck.

However, in 2012 we will be rated on our assessment and will LOSE money if there are areas that we are unhealthy in. Here is the list of things we need to pass in order to get the full amount towards our insurance:


  • Complete the Health Assessment and Biometric Screening
  • Get their flu shot
  • Do not use nicotine products (does not include smoking cessation products)
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 30W

Well I smoke ciggs (yes, yes, i know, a dirty DISGUSTING habit) and i have a BMI of over 30 so I’m screwed there! I think I’m going to look into smoking cessation things work has to offer!

 Happy Hump day everyone!!




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