Police Theft! Oh no!!!

22 Aug

There are many many reasons why i CANNOT stand mondays! But i won’t bore you to tears with them because i have a feeling we all share many of these same reasons.

Too funny!!

So this weekend was actually very nice. Why you ask? Well,I’m glad that you asked and so i will tell you. BECAUSE I HAD NOTHING TO DO!!! There was not one thing that i absolutely had to do, or planned to do this weekend. Let me tell you how GREAT it felt!!!!!!  It seems like every weekend this summer i have had some sort of plans, whether it be parties, picnics, birthdays, carnivals, errands for my bff’s wedding (i’m her maid of honor) party planning, cleaning, moving, shopping, the list goes on and on. But this weekend I had none of that (well except i did run to the grocery store real quick yesterday).

Saturday, big Luke had to work. I dropped him off, and me and Lukey had a mother and son day. It was so fun. We went to chic-fila, to the park, and on our way home from the park we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. And not because we wanted to eat there, but because the Maryland State Police were doing their annual “Cops on Rooftops”.

Cops on Rooftops

It’s a 2-day event where cops sit on the roof of dunkin donuts waving with one of those flashing light thingys that are on tops of their cars to attract people  to the event in hopes of them donating to the special olympics. The event also had face painting, a moon bounce, and a rock climb. Not sure if all dunkin donuts did this, but the one i went to was raffling off a motorcycle.  There were also a police car there that the kids could sit in and look at and a police dogs that showed the kids tricks and an officer talked to the kids about what the dog does for the police force. 
We definitely had a great time but wanna hear the worst part of attending this event? After spending a great deal of time outside in the direct sunlight, we decide to head inside and cool down with a drink and air conditioning. Yes, we buy Coolatta’s (i’m sorry!! i couldn’t help it!!).  Lukey wanted the “blue” drink

and i ordered a vanilla and chocolate  Coolatta for myself. Let me tell you…it was soooo delish!!! yum!!! Anyway we decided to sit inside and drink our drinks as we had about 30min to waste before we picked up his dad from work. While sitting there, I saw a cute Joe Flacco (GOOOOO RAVENS) ravens coffee mug. I said to my son (bc he loves his “rabens”) “look at the ravens cup! isn’t it cute?” He proceeds to tell me, yes mom it is cute and that i should buy it. i told him i didn’t have anymore money and maybe i can get it one day as a gift for christmas, etc.

I call on big Luke the phone before heading out to see if he wanted a drink or  any donuts. Of course he wanted 2 of his FAVORITE donuts from there.

Luke’s favorite…strawberry jelly filled
the strawberry jelly filled kind! But definitely you cannot get the powdered sugar ones, HAS to be the ones with just sugar sprinkled over top. (not sure what the difference is besides the powdered sugar vs regular sugar).
As we were walking out the door, I had my arms full of  both our drinks, his fathers newly purchased drink, donuts, my keys, wallet, and phone (and no, i had zero pockets on my pants). Needless to say, i wasn’t holding hands walking across the parking lot with my son. Which was okay bc no one was driving in the parking lot anyway because of the fundraiser. So he was trailing behind me, i get to the car, somehow manage to open his door AND the passenger door to unload my arms, he climbs into his car seat, i buckle him up and head off to home. We get home and i go around to open his door for him and what do i find on the floor??? but the dunkin donuts cup i told him i liked!!!! That little devil stole it!!! I picked up the cup, and asked him why he has it. He said he wanted to give it to me  because i liked it. Trust me when I tell you, it was hard to reprimand him, not for stealing it but bc of his intentions of taking it. I mean he is only 4yrs old. he has NO IDEA that it is not ok to pick up things in a store and not pay for them. He has no concept of stealing and to me…he is purely innocent. BUT there was a lesson to be taught in this situation. So we sat down, and i told him why he wasn’t allowed to do that and then i “called” the store and “paid” for it. I know i should have taken it back but frankly, we were both worn out, he was dead tired and ready for a nap, and I just didn’t feel like going back out.

this is the mug he walked out with

sorry for the thumbnail pic, i couldn’t find one online except for this

Soo yesterday on his way home with his father, they stop at Sheetz. Lukey has a bit of a fit apparently because he wanted a milkshake. Luke told him no, he would make him one at the house. He was upset because he wanted to buy something and wasn’t allowed. (he is going thru this stage where he THINKS he has to buy something in every store he walks into). So luke stuck to his word and didn’t purchase him anything. They walk outside and luke asks him for his hand to hold crossing the parking lot. Lukey wouldn’t give it to him and he turns around, and sees him with this huge smile on his face and his hands behind his back. Luke told him he wanted to see what was in his hands. Luke stole a banana!!

Luckily they were still at the store because Luke said he grabbed him up and took him back into the store to give back the banana (which the cashier said thank you for bringing it back) and was forced to apologize to her. He then got a stern lecture on the way home about why that is unacceptable and was told to go into his room until he was allowed out.
So a LOOONG story short, I think I handled the coffee mug incident in the wrong way bc I think Lukey thought it was OK to take things.
QUESTION: Do you think i handled the coffee mug theft wrong? Please be honest and truthful…you WILL NOT hurt my feelings in the least little bit. 
I was pretty happy with myself, thinking he understood what i told him and that it was just something that kids do. no big deal.

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