Weekend recap

15 Aug

Well hello blog world!! So excited that I got my first comment! (thanks Jenny!!)

First I wanted to ask, what type of camera’s are most people using when blogging? Is there a specific type of camera I should look into? I have been wanting a new one since mine is from the stone ages hahah!  I can’t afford a very expensive one so any suggestions would definitely help out my search. So until then, I will have to make do with what I have and also Google pics!

I notice most bloggers are blogging about their daily meals. Well to fit in, I will talk about my meals so far today 😉

Breakfast, I had a serving size of kashi mixed berry crumble cereal and mixed that into some strawberry chobani. I also had a banana. People at work don’t understand why I mix the two together. Does that really sound bad? I mean to me it’s like yogurt with granola. That doesn’t sound odd to me?

For lunch i had Lean Cuisine spring rolls. These little guys are soooo yummy! I really like it also bc there are 2 servings in the box so I feel like I am getting my money’s worth!

I just finished eating a few pretzels and some roasted red pepper humus. I also have some cherries, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Since I’m doing Weight Watchers right now…the fruit is all zero points. Yippeee!!!

I also brought along my free Kashi bar  I got as a sample off their website as a late snack. We are allowed unlimited overtime here at work until Oct 1st so you know my butt is taking advantage!

Dinner tonight I am not so sure about yet…probably something small like a salad for me since I will be coming home late. My son and bf will have already eaten.

I am really bad about blogging over the weekend since I seem to never have time for anything! Not enough days in the weekend that is for sure!

Let me recap very quickly. Friday night nothing much ever seems to happen because Luke works. He works night work and his weekend is saturday and sunday. So anyway, saturday we went to his family reunion on his father’s side. It was a lot of fun, it is always at the same place every year and they have a nice playground for my son, paddle boats, canoeing, etc. It had to rain however so none of that was done. also, some of luke’s younger cousins (11-14) apparently got lost in the woods and the parents had to trek thru the woods looking for them. We were actually on the phone with 911 when they found them. It was storming real bad and everyone was afraid the kids had fallen and got hurt. Luckily everyone was safe. Wet, but safe!

Sunday was spent with my sister-in-law’s boyfriend (does that make him my brother-in-law) and my nephew. My son and him get along occasionally lol. My son Luke is 4 and Isaiah is 2 and Luke gets really jealous of him all the time. Plus Isaiah is at the stage where he is grabbing toys out of kids hands and basically learning his boundaries. So yes, constant fighting between those two. But they do love each other!

Went grocery shopping late last night and spent waaaaay more than i originally planned. at least i won’t have to go back for another 2 weeks! (well i will for fruit and little things)

So on to the grocery topic. It really truly stinks that now I have decided to eat more organic, healthy, natural, call it what you want things….there is absolutely nowhere in my area that offers much. unless i want to drive 20-25min away

The closest place i believe is trader joe’s. the closes whole foods and Wegman’s is about a 30-40min drive. which totally sucks and depresses me!

Well I think I’m going to get back to doing some more work. Have a happy Monday night.


1. What kind of camera do you use?

2. What is your favorite type of humus? If you don’t like it, what type of snacks do you each throughout the day?

3. Where do you grocery shop at?


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