Shoutouts and Solutions…

9 Aug
Good afternoon folks! Happy Tuesday! I apologize for not writing the past few days but I was super busy moving things back into my house now that the kitchen is completed!

Ya right! I wish that was my kitchen!!

Well thats not my kitchen, but in a way it resembles it, just not as big. and there is no built-in stove.

Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and actually have zero followers (but write in the tense that i do) I have been searching and lurking on a few other blogs I have found. I want to take a second to support these blogs in hopes I can eventually have my blog as worthy as theirs one day.

This is one of my fav blogs so far, Holly seems extremely awesome and her hubby actually is from MD and loves the ravens!!

Another favorite of mine that I read daily is a pretty popular blog from what I’ve seen. I actually was turned onto this blog as my very first ever blog read from my brothers girlfriend. Julie  is from Florida and has the exact same dog we want to get. Sadie seems so loveable and adorable!

The most popular and greatest blog I have found with the most amazing recipes is Mama pea’s blog. Mama pea and her family are vegans and she has just had a book published with her favorite recipes. I have not yet tried any, but I have read that they are the most amazing recipes! Since I just moved back home, I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes yet. I’m sure I will end up loving them and purchasing her book

I actually stumbled across this blog today and am totally excited to start browsing through it.

Plus I have subscribed to a few more that I honestly just glanced thru, seemed to like right away but need to go back through and read more.

So my whole goal is maybe to eventually one day be a popular blog, I have such a quirky, drama filled, crazy fun life that I’m sure I could get a few laughs from people! 

So tomorrow is the start of my 2nd session with Weight Watchers. It is for 14 weeks and they actually come into my work which is pretty much why i signed up in the first place. How convenient is that? I really really love the leader, Natalie, and all of the wonderful women in the group. Honestly I did not have high hopes signing up for the first session. I pretty much had the mind set that I don’t know these people, why am I going to want to share my thoughts and struggles, etc with them? However I totally have changed my mind on that and think its one of the best things that has happened for me as of late.
I lost a total of 15lbs during the first 14 weeks. I am not overly satisfied with that amount because I didn’t get into excersizing like I wanted, and if I would have I know I’d have lost a lot more. I am okay though in the end with what I’ve lost because I am eating way more healthier now than before. My goal this session is to incorporate the excersize into eating properly.
Although I am still a newb at all of this and have only just begun to start eating healthier, I have been doing A LOT of research. I have found a few things that I can no longer live without, and more things that I have become interested in but have not yet tried. Chobani yogurt has been my #1 new found love

I am seriously in love with these yogurts and eat one everyday

 Kashi cereal, mainly the Go Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble, has definitely been my #2 love.

I actually mix this with my Chobani every morning. Its like eating yogurt with granola in it. LOVE!!!

I also came upon Quinoa on facebook. Friend had posted a picture of a Quinoa dish she made, I researched, and bought it. I really do enjoy this.
One thing I learned from my Weight Watchers meetings is Black Strap Molasses. Has anyone heard of this? Despite the horrid taste, the nose holding, gagging, routine I do every morning, this stuff gives me energy, makes my skin, nails, and hair lovely, plus a bunch of other stuff. I take 1 teaspoon full.

This is the brand I bought.

I made turkey burgers the other night for dinner for my boyfriend and our son. My son, Luke (jr), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE  Jennie-O turkey burgers. 

This is my favorite kind

 I made the burgers and never mentioned to my big Luke what they were. So when we all sat down to eat, he took a bite out of the burger and made the funniest looking face. He thought the meat was spoiled. So I had to tell him what they were. He said to never make them again for him.

Now please don’t think Luke is discouraging me from healthy eating. He wants me to lose weight, but he is the type of person who isn’t going to change his eating habits, or eat something he doesn’t like because I am. He is VERY stubborn. So I am going to have to buy what I like, and what he likes. It will be a pain and expensive to say the least! Not to mention when I try out some of Mama pea’s recipes I will probably only be cooking for me and little Luke (I call him Lukey).

As long as my son and I are eating healthy, thats all that matters. I can’t change Luke, he is the most stubborn individual I have ever met and I just have accepted and realized I can only change myself and teach my son to eat healthy.

I need help!! I need help incorporating excersize into my life!! My goal is to one day be able to run in a marathon. And if you know me, you know i dont run…EVER.  I really want to “give back” and raise money and awareness for organizations. I don’t have a lot of money to donate to different charitys and this is a way for me to give back. Plus I want to be passionate about something. (i am so glad i found katys‘ blog). Right now I have no interests. I have been so depressed and hating myself for so many years, I forgot who I am. This is why I am so excited about my blog. It is going to be my journal, recording my progress, growth, and change throughout my journey 🙂


2 Responses to “Shoutouts and Solutions…”

  1. Jenny 08/12/2011 at 3:27 pm #

    I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the blog world!! It’s a great community (which I’m sure you already know)! Get ready to make a lot of new friends 🙂

  2. The NEW Lindsay 08/15/2011 at 3:42 pm #

    Thanks for leaving my first comment! I was very excited when I saw the ‘1’ in the comments section! Are you from Baltimore as well? I remember coming across your site.

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