Busy as a bee

3 Aug

Happy Hump day!!! I’d like to first start off by saying that this is obviously my 2nd post on here and i will eventually add pics to my blog but I need to figure out how to do everything on this site.

Now for those who don’t know…Luke, my boyfriend, has been remodeling our kitchen. He pretty much gutted the whole thing and remodeled everything. While this was going on, our son and I could not live there due to having no sink or stove and our house basically being a construction site. We have been staying at my parent’s house. FOR THE LAST 5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to say that we want to go home is putting it lightly. To say my parents wanted me gone yesterday is putting it EVEN MORE lightly. As of now the house is liveable. I have been over there past 2 weekends cleaning it up (and let me tell you, this is 4/5 months of dust, dirt, and grime). The house isn’t 100% cleaned and neither is the kitchen. The money we had saved up to remodel with is pretty much gone and I have been a stressed out monster!

I need help!! I feel like I want to turn to food to “un-stress” me. I have been winning the battle, but not sure how much longer I am going to win before I cave in and stuff my face. Food has always been a comfort thing with me. I am a very emotional eater, I have been working on my relationship with food….teaching myself that food isn’t a ‘friend’, food also isn’t an ‘enemy’. Food is simply to sustain life, and nothing else.

Someone the other day told me (and I apologize to whomever it was because I CANNOT remember who) when I am stressed out to get on the treadmill and walk/run the stress off instead of shoving food down my throat. It sounds like a GREAT idea but here is the thing: I don’t have the physical energy to do something like that yet. I am just to heavy and out of shape to get on the treadmill and run my anger and stress out of me. Oh how I would love to!!!! 

I have been looking into different foods that will give me energy and protein, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I’d love to hear them.


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