Who I am, who I want to be…

1 Aug

OK OK, so I just wanted to say, I have been lurking around and stalking certain blogs for awhile now and FINALLY decided to do my own. So….let me tell you about who I am. What makes me me and all that not so exciting stuff.

I am 30. Overweight (before you cringe, just know I am currently working on it!!), I have a 4yr old son and living with my baby daddy (sorry, had to say it). 

When i became pregnant, I gained about 80 lbs. Yes, I am ashamed to say it, but I have not lost my baby weight…..FROM OVER FOUR YEARS AGO!!!!!! 😦

Your probably wondering the 100 million dollar question of…WHY??? Well I don’t know honestly. Had some set backs in my life like getting laid off from 2 different jobs which resulted in us getting behind in bills and racking up credit cards (which FYI we are back on track financially. yaaaay). I also had zero energy and that put me into a depression and sometimes I didn’t even want to get out of bed some days. which let me tell you is not that easy when you have a 4yr old son who has ADHD. (he has been tested already for it, his father has it, but that is a whole other blog entry for another time).  It took me this long to finally decide i can’t keep living life hating myself everyday and i want to be “me” again. does that make sense?

so i decided to join weight watchers here at work, started eating more organic, not processed foods. Basically anything healthy and no junk! i have lost 15lbs so far! go me, go me!! i also have a treadmill, but i am still not consisently using it like i need/want to.

so i have started this blog with the hopes to meet some of you awesome bloggers to motivate me, give me tips, suggestions, ideas, keep me focused and staying positive. basically some good ole fashioned friendship and encouragement.

i really want to become healthy and active again. for me, for my son (definitely DO NOT want to be the “fat mom”).

So this is my life in all its glory…..


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